Cook Islands chance to win World Champs Woolhandling?

A New Zealand-based Cook Islands team has exceeded all of its expectations by launching its way into at least one of the six finals on the last night of the four-day 40th anniversary World shearing and woolhandling championships in ILT Stadium Southland.
Mother-and-daughter Tina(pictured) and Maiden Elers, of Mataura, will get a first-three ribbon after qualifying for the three-team woolhandling final, while Tina Elers is also through toe top eight for the Indiviual title's semi-finalsd.

The New Zealand team of Dunedin-based Joel Henare and Maryann Baty, both from the East Coast, established firm favouritism to win both titles by being the top two qualifiers for the individual semi-finals, and heading the rankings for the teams final, with Australian team Sofie Huff the other team into the final. Qualifiers for the World woolhandling championship semi-final in Invercargill(in order of qualifying): Joel Henare (New Zealand) 130.62pts, 1; Maryann Baty (New Zealand) 163.6pts, 2; Sofie Huf (Australia) 168.388pts, 3; Mel Morris (Australia) 180.74pts, 4; Johnathon Haakull (Norway) 191.59pts, 5; Tina Elers (Cook Islands) 202.64pts, 6; Adele LeMercier (France) 2344.07pts, 7; Robyn Charlton (Wales) 242.74pts, 8.


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