It’s not all play

It's not all play for the competitors at the World sheep shearing and woolhandling championships which ended their second day in Invercargill's ILT Stadium Southland today.

Among those both competing and working is Central Otago shearing family member Pagan Rimene, who overcoming the disappointment of just missing on New Zealand team selection has returned from working in Australia to compete in the All Nations woolhandling and shearing events, as well as work as part of the woolhandling team of "rousies" for the shearing events.

She made both the Al Nations Senior Shearing and Open woolhandling events, and was pictured at work during the All Nations Open shearing heats, and with the crew, which included mum Tina Rimene.

Father and former World record holder and national champion Dion Morrell was in the All Nations Open shearing heats today and is also working at the championships, while his wife Gabriella Schmidt-Morrell nis competing for her native Switzerland in the World Championships woolhandling heats tomorrow, along with the couple's 11-year-old daughter, Charis.

With shearers Andreas Meister and Simon Zaugg it's the first-ever Switzerland shearing team, which Dion Morrell says is unusual considering Switzerland is the home of top shearing machinery brand Heiniger.

He hopes the profile in Switzerland will be lifted ahead of the 2019 World Championships "next door" in France.


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