60 minute challenge: Shear panic for novice shearer

In the lead up to the World Shearing and Woolhandling Championships, reporter Joanna Griffiths caught up with farmer Robbie Watkinson and shearer Nathan Stratford learn how to shear a sheep.

Let's be honest. The closest I have ever come to shearing a sheep is wearing a woollen jumper or shaving my legs after a long winter.

Regardless, as a farm girl, I was ready to face this challenge head on.

I mean, if someone can shear a sheep in 17.5 seconds, then surely I can manage at least one in an hour ... right?

Farmer Robbie Watkinson and Southland-based shearer Nathan Stratford greeted me with firm farmers' handshakes, a pat on the shoulder and small words of encouragement, before leading me to the sheep shed.

Read the full article from The Eye by clicking here.


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