A chat with Hamish Mitchell

Hamish Mitchell returns to New Zealand as the reigning Team World Champion, won with Scottish team mate Gavin Mutch in Gorey Ireland in mid 2014.

Now the man from Lochearnhead is back for the first time in ten years and he is ready to let his handpiece do the talking.

We cornered him for a few words last weekend at the NZ Crossbred Lamb Shearing Championships in Winton, where the likable Scotsman was first off the board in the Open final, showing he will be at the sharp end of things when the titles are handed out at ILT Stadium Southland next month.
Q. We've seen you in action at Five Rivers and Winton and things seem to be going quite well?

A. Yeah, they are going good. We just need the weather to clear up for us and we'll have a fair crack

Q. I thought as a good Scotsman you'd be enjoying this good Southland summer we are putting on for you?

A. Yeah well, it's warmer in Scotland at the moment than it is here.

Q. You've been out for a week so have you acclimatised pretty well?

A. No, it's no problem. I've been doing it for a few years … not for the last 10 years but I've done it a few times so it's no problem.

Q. What are your expectations looking to Worlds in a few weeks?

A. That's a difficult question. Just do our best and we'll take it from there.

Q. You are the reigning World Teams champions. Is backing that up with Gavin Mutch part of your aspirations?

A. Oh, we'll try and hold our end up again.

Q. You've been at this game for a while now right?

A. Yes, this will be my eighth or ninth World Champs so I've been in a few. It doesn't get any easier, but I think I'm getting better and I'd like to think I've got the experience.

Q. So, tell us about that. You are up against some younger, fitter models so what's the secret?

A. Heart. Heart. If you want something bad enough you can get it.

Q. And when it comes to the mental side of things, that must play in to an experienced campaigner's hands like you, does it?

A. Well, I've fallen short a couple of times. I've just made a small mistake and it's just been enough to knock me out. Hopefully I can have a bit of luck on my side and pull on through.

Q. Tell us about last time around winning that World teams title (in Ireland in 2014). That must have been pretty special?

A. Yeah it was special. We were up against good fellas but it's only one day. They are the best in the world those guys so you can't take anything away from them.

Q. You've got to be happy with how things are going though. We saw you in Five Rivers and Winton so you must feel you are in pretty good form?

A. Yeah, give me another week and we'll be alright.

Q. Between now and World Champs, what is the plan?

A. Just work, if we get some sunshine in sunny Southland. I'm spending the next few weeks with Darin Forde, based pretty near to Invercargill so it's going to be good.

Q. He's probably quite a good man to get in his ear and mine for a bit of information.

A. Yeah Darin's been there and done it and I've been working with Darin for 27 years so we know each other pretty well.

Q. It's great to have you here, Good luck for the next couple of weeks.

A. Thanks very much.


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