Profile - Enkhnasan Chuluunbaatar (Mongolia)

Supplied by Zoe Leetch

The Mongolian team consists of one machine shearer, Enkhnasan Chuluunbaatar.Enkhnasan (Nasa) is from a nomadic herding background in Bulgan province, Mongolia.

His family's herd consists of several hundred sheep and goats, along with their horses and cattle. Most herders would have at least a couple of hundred sheep, and generally each herder and their extended family will shear their own sheep.

They use large scissors (not blades) to shear the sheep, usually tying their legs together and doing first one side then the other, outside on bare ground.
The sheep in Mongolia are fat-tailed and generally have coarse or semi-coarse wool. There are quite a number of different breeds (the most common is called Khalkha), but all variations of a type most similar to Awassi here in NZ. Wool is of little value and colours (they are often multi-coloured) or parts of the fleece are not separated after shearing.

Nasa moved to New Zealand in 2012 to live in Golden Bay, the hometown of his Kiwi wife. That year he learnt to machine shear here in NZ and, since then, has been shearing in his local area.

Nasa and Zoe have two sons Tushinbayar (4) and Temulen (2). They will be moving back to Mongolia in the near future and Nasa plans to put the machine shearing skills he has learnt here to good use in his home country.

His experience of competition shearing is limited to shows in the South Island, having moved into the Senior grade this season.

When it was suggested that he enter the World Championships representing Mongolia we attempted to find other Mongolians to join him but we have not yet located another Mongolian shearer or woolhandler at competition level anywhere.

Nasa's interests include wrestling and horse racing, the major national sports in Mongolia. His father has bred and trained some very successful horses in their area. In New Zealand he has been introduced to seafood and enjoys fishing.

Supplied by Zoe Leetch
Team Manager


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