Profile - George Graham (Ireland)

Name: George Graham.

Address: Wexford, Ireland.

Children: Two sons & three daughters – David, Georgina, Brendan, Caitriona&Clodagh.

Years of experience: It's 52 years since I sheared my first sheep.

Best Competition Results:
  • Runner-up at The All Ireland on two occasions & a number of other wins & placings at various competitions internationally.
  • Holder of Irish Two Stand & Single Stand Ewe Records.
  • Also been the All Ireland Wool Handling Champion on a number of occasions. This will be my ninth time to represent Ireland in the World Championships.
  • Have been the Irish Representative on the Golden Shears World Council for 22 years & was elected as Vice Chairman in 2012 in New Zealand.
  • Been Chairman of the Irish Sheep Shearers Association.
  • Also been Chairman of Area Judges & Chairman of BISCA.
  • Senior Shearing Instructor.
  • All sports & travel.
  • Commentator on all shearing events & others.
  • Judging & giving talks on farm safety & mental health.


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